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ASUP 2014 Strike to end 27 May, 2014 after NEC Meeting.

The strike embarked by the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic is expected to end on the 27th May, 2014 and below is the table of content.

Monday, 26th of May – White paper, Needs for Assessment and HND report is concluded,submitted from the office of the Secretary general of the federation to the Ministry of Education for Deliberation before Further Actions

Tuesday,27th of May – A ‘Crucial’ meeting will be held by the leadership of Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics(ASUP) and Federal Ministry of Education, presided by Committee Members of the National Assembly.

Wednesday, 28th of May – Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics is expected to deliberate and evaluate the Stances agreed upon in their last meeting with government.
If Satisfactory, the strike will be “SUSPENDED” But if the meeting with government was Randy and not satisfactory then the Strike “CONTINUE”

Thursday, 29th of May – Public Holiday, marking Nigeria’s Uninterrupted Democracy of 15years.

(Friday,30th of May – Academic Activities is expected to be Resurrected in the Country’s Polytechnics institutions)

Hopefully, Monday 2nd of June – RESUMPTION of All Polytechnics Begins and Students are expected to be “READY” for an Usain Bolt Session

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