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Asup 2014 Strike: My thoughts on ASUP 9 Months Old Strike

No form of education is superior or inferior to the other and that is to kick start my opinion about the long and overdue strike embarked by Polytechnic staff union about 9 months ago. ASUU was on strike for 5 months and everybody sing, talk, debate, write and protest about it, it an headline news across the country in every daily news,journals, magazines and social media. How come ASUP who started their strike before ASUU did not receive the same publicity, campaign and agitations.

Why did we not clamour and allow it to reach the peak of our agitation like that of ASUU. Does it mean polytechnic staff and students are inferior to that of University?
Each negotiation meeting constantly ended in producing nothing, why is the government so comfortable and relax on the face of obvious danger,my heart bleed for Nigeria that in terms of education, our neighbouring state like Ghana, Benin Republic, Ivory Coast has become a safe haven and alternative for Nigeria student.

It all get down to the decline and devalue of our educational standard, constant and permanent strike and industrial dispute that cripple academic activities like that of ASUU and ASUP.
In a country where value is value, the Minister of Education by now would have design his appointment because why would you preside over a ministry and a branch of it is paralyzed for nine months without decisive solution. This can only happen in Nigeria, I am deeply sorry for the potential and human resources we constantly allow to waste away.

The demand of ASUP IS NOT MUCH just like ASUU, FG should wake up from its slumber and do something to salvage before we lost our young men into terrorism recruitment, idle hands and mind is devil’s workshop.
If FG can decide to pay 12 million naira to delegates to their uncertain National Conference, why not consider the certain issue of education, make it viable, fund it,
improve and enhance infrastructure, pay the staff and let parents have value for their money.

From Yakubu Temitope – Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti.
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