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ASUP 2014 Strike continues as Ministers shun meeting with National Assembly

According to the report, the Asup Strike Meeting has been postponed and ASUP STRIKE Continues.
The Asup Strike will continue due to ABSENCE of the supervising minister of education Mr Nyesom Wike and minister of trade Emeka Wogu and other key officials to the scheduled meeting of the striking Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics, ASUP, and the Colleges of Education Academic Staff Union, COEASU, with the Joint Committee of the National Assembly yesterday, hopes that the striking lectures will go back to the class room was dashed.

The meeting was postponed to the end of the month due to the absence of the minister and other officials.

Nigerian Polytechnic (ASUP) has been on strike for 337 days, while students of colleges of education have remained at home since December, 2013.

End ASUP strike - Nigeria Polytechnic Students to FG and ASUP

Here are what some Polytechnic Students has to say about ASUP and FG.

Benedict says;
The Federal Government, (FG) knows when the strike will be settled by them. They are managing this strike for something. May God punish you heavily with your children those who do not feel our pains but spend our money in the best schools in the best countries. May God make you and your children worst enemies.
You will never know peace as you continue to trouble our hearts. The wealth you have acquired and the one you will acquire will never be your but the hopeless poor sons and daughters of poor people. Your bodies and souls will never feel peace and good health. You dont av cash to settle asup but u know how trillions of naira can get missing.

Adeshola Damilola says;
Nigeria is gradually going into extinction, a country with leaders that cannot proffer speedy solution to the issue of asup strike updates 2014strike in polytechnics and colleges. Every step taken so far shows that we Nigerians are on our own, FG and Asup are intentionally dragging the issue because they both have something to gain and nothing to lose. A meeting was scheduled to hold on 24th of June, but was postponed all because our stupid and un-affectionate Ministers who were supposed to be present didn’t eventually show up. What a mess!

This is a slap on we polytechnic and college students. Right now my prayer is that Nigeria will totally go into extinction, everybody needs to feel the effect of a life changing situation! boko haram has started, polytechnics and colleges have joined, ASSU will rejoin soon, all innovation enterprises will join, Secondary schools will join, Nursery and Primary schools too will join, then there will be no education in force in Nigeria.. gradually it will also affect the labour market, till everything will crumble.

Albert Einstein said that he know not what world war three and four would be fought with, but so sure that world war five will be fought with sticks and stones. Leaders who only cares about themselves will will perish by their sword, the caring ones will survive test of time. Everything will fall apart and we shall start again from the start. My concern…

Polytechnic Students your stay at home is just beginning… We will not update any ASUP and FG Super Stories here again until we have some tangible information.
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