ASPOLY Classroom Tables Painted Blacks to Avoid Exam Misconduct

It has been discovered and recorded that the gravity of examination misconduct has risen to higher level in the Abia State Polytechnic.

Abia State Poly Classroom Tables Painted Blacks to Avoid Exam Misconduct

In the past few years, students from respective departments in the Polytechnic were caught writing on the school tables as a source of reminder in case they forget any; of what they have read: ‘said by a student’.

Due to false Accusations laid on the Management and the Lecturers of the College recently by some students of the polytechnic and the level of examination Malpractice in the hall, the School’s
Management ordered that all the classroom desks in the school should be painted black adhesively.

The painting was carried out on Wednesday, the 20th of April, 2016. And was thoroughly inspected by the Rector.

The Rector has as well, ordered that any student of the Institution who violates the law by writing on the black painted desk or caught in the act of examination malpractice must fill the misconduct form and be punished

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