ANSU RIOT! Anambra State University Students Burnt Down School Buildings due to School Fees!!

Current News From Anambra State University Riot!
From the Latest information reaching us from Anambra State University (ANSU) is that the students are currently protesting over their refusal from taking the 2nd semester examination, as a results of their Unpaid fees. They managements said, they MUST have to pay their fee before taking their examinations.

Below is what one of the Student of ANSU have to say,
“Just as it happened during the 1st semester examination, it as happened again, but this time it proves to be more serious. The bursary and the exams and records buildings was completely burnt down. I felt for the Batch C and Batch A intending corp members.”

We will keep you update on all the happenings in ANSU.
But the thing is, the students are sure going to pay for their outburst. Between, I thought it ends in secondary schools? Where you will be sent home if you don’t pay up your school fees?

meanwhile all ANSU students should stay off trouble, so far no casualty is reported.

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