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Anambra State University Commences Online Course Registration and Result Checking

Information reaching us reveals that after months of preparation and testing, Anambra State University, ANSU officially began compulsory online registration of courses/results checking in the 2013/2014 academic session the immediate fallouts of this commencement are:

1. Every student (fresh or returning) must log into the ANSU official portal to complete/update their personal profile.

2. Every student after payment of fees must register it online.

3. Every student must complete online course registration form and submit for approval after registering fees.

4. Heads of Department must ensure that academic advisers go online to approve course forms submitted by students to enable them complete the process.

5. Every student must print out (1) completed profile with barcode (2) approved course registration form with barcode and submit same to the department/faculty/medical center etc as may be required.

6. Old registration/course registration forms obtained from faculty officers are no longer valid. They have been replaced by the items in no. 5 above.

7. No student who has not completed his course registration and submitted approved copies to the relevant officers is qualified to enter class, take quizzes or tests and participate in examinations. All staff are to enforce this.

8. After examinations, exam results will be posted online for viewing by each student. Any student who has not registered his courses will not see results of exams taken. Paper results will not be issued in the former way.

The staff of the ICT unit of the Anambra State University, which is at the forefront of this work have conducted several workshops/training to prepare students and staff. They remain on call to assist and ensure that it is a pleasurable experience for all.
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