Breaking News: An Unemployed Graduate of Mech. Engineering attempted Suicide

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Breaking News: An Unemployed Graduate of Mechanical Engineering attempted Suicide in Akwa Ibom State
A Graduate in the study of Mechanical Engineering graduate of Ekiti State University known as Sunday Omotayo yesterday, attempted to commit suicide by jumping of the bus and also running into the police station. See full story below.

Sunday, according to the report, intentionally jumped off a of a speeding Toyota Hiace bus, expecting to be crushed to death by oncoming vehicles on the road leading to Ibom Plaza, Uyo. But thank God to the police, that was there and stopped all buses.
The police who rescued poor Sunday said that he had earlier gone to the Prison Service asking warders to either kill him or allow him rot in jail.

However, another witness who was at the prison station said that “We just saw somebody, who was well dressed and on tie with no look of mentally crazy running towards us. His action forced us to become immediately alert with our weapons.”
He continued that “the next word he said was ‘shoot me’, ‘shoot me’, ‘I want to die’, ‘I am tired of this world.’ We were still facing him with our weapons when he scrambled towards us, saying we should allow him to rot inside the prison.”

Then the police officials then calmed him down but as he entered the bus, then that was when he intentionally jumped off the bus to attempt the failed suicide. The Journalists who were at the scene heard Omotayo mumbling, “There is no state that I have not gone to in search of job in the past 10 years, but none for me.”
So Sunday opened up and said this “I came to Akwa Ibom State because this is my last hope. I have heard stories of Governor Godswill Akpabio uncommon transformation. But unfortunately, since I came, I discovered that even many people from Akwa Ibom are also crying because of poverty and joblessness.”

It took a while for policemen to get him out of the road. He insisted he must put an end to his poverty-stricken life in a rich country like Nigeria.
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