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Aluu Community Chief and others Arrested for the Killing of the 4 Uniport Students #JusticeforAluu4

We have been up to date on the injustice that took place in Aluu Community in River State concerning some Young Students of The University of Port harcourt (UNIPORT) who went through gruesome death for allegedly stealing laptops and mobile phones.

We publish the supposed true story of the incident viewed from a journalist and a few students, you can read the gist Here

pictures of Uniport students who were killed

But the below article you are going to read is made available from eye-witnesses who are students of Uniport. Regardless of what you might have read elsewhere, those students are innocent from all the allegations, those 4 uniport students who were burnt alive are not criminals, they are not cult-ist, they never stole laptops or mobile phone.

Ibim Semenitari is the Rivers State Commissioner for Information, and here is his tweet on twitter.

uniport students killed for nothing

The Chief of Aluu community has been arrested and is currently in the police custody. This information is made available by the Rivers State Commissioner of Police. We also receive reports that about 12 others people have been arrested in connection with the crime.

The deputy registrar of University of Port Harcourt, Williams Modi, said the institution will issue a statement once they get all the facts correctly. The facts includes whether if truely they were students of the institution and what actually transpired between them and the Aluu Community on that fateful day.

From the report gathered, we heard that the residents of the Aluu community have fled the their houses to avoid being arrested. (i wish somebody will declare STATE OF EMERGENCY on that Heartless Community)

True Story of The 4 Uniport Students Killed by Aluu Community

From the Interview conducted, About 10 Uniport Students has confirmed that the Aluu community said they killed those boys because they stole laptops and Phones.

Many different versions of what actually happened on that fateful Friday morning.. Below is one that truely confirmed that the boys didn’t steal the phones and laptop but took it by force from a debtor…

uniport students killed for stealing phones and laptops

Come to think of it, even if they stole laptops and mobile phone, is that worth the gruesome beating and then burnt alive by the heartless ALUU Community?

I hope the Rivers State Government will arrest all those involved in this barbaric act.
How will the families of those children feel when the watch the video? (Disclaimer: Please if you can’t stomach it, don’t click and don’t download that video, it is the worst thing i have seen so far in port harcourt)
how can a whole community stand by and watch 4 healthy Boys beaten mercilessly and burn to death alive? With no single proof of what happened. #veryveryangry!
I wish the wrath of God will fall on that Aluu community.

The right to life is a fundamental right!

update: the whole community has escaped from their home and there is no serious arrest has been made yet, for the love God, there videos, Pictures of people who communited this act. What are the Nigerian Police doing? Will they stand by and watch such barbaric act happen without making an escape goat of someone? If nothing is done, this will happen again and again.

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  1. This is wickedness let the rivers state government get those wicked aluu people especially the one hitting them with sticks

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