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All JAMB UTME 2014 Pending Results and No Biometric Verification Issues Discuss Here

We are going to use this platform to address all the candidates who have issues checking their Jamb 2014 UTME results.

Since the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB release her 2014 Jamb-UTME Results, complains have been coming from Jambites whose results have been withheld for one reason or the other. After much observation, here are a few of the problems candidates encountered when trying to check their Jamb Result.

* You were involved in wide spread cheating
* Due to lateness to the exam hall
* No “Biometric Verification”
* No Result Yet
* You were involved in using electronic devices
* You have exceeded your allowable five times access
* You Have Exceeded Maximum Number of Checks. Please purchase e-Facility Card to Print Your Result Slip

No Biometric Verification

Some Jambites are said to have not taken proper biometric (Thumb Print) verification either during registration or during accreditation. According to the report, some candidates have been involved in impersonation (invalid thumb print), while others were involved in double registration using different finger prints.

According to the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB, these set of results are still under investigation. And from what we heard, majority of these results under this category (No Biometric Verification) will be released. Pray that yours will be among those to be release. Meanwhile, you can keep trying to check your Jamb 2014 score every now and then. If you have exceeded the number of times you are checking your result, you can obtain Jamb e-bundle scratch card to check yours.

According to our reliable source, in the next 2 weeks, all candidates with “No Biometric Verification” problem will be sorted and released. A fraction of the result will be held back if traces of impersonation or double registration is detected on an invalid thumb print.

Our advise to Jambites with no No Biometric Verification is to exercise some patience as their results will be out starting from this weekend to next week.

Update: 25th April, 2014: We have just been informed that Jamb candidates with “No Biometric Verification” their result has been released and you can now check your jamb result here.

No Result Yet

Candidates who are in this category are different from biometric verification. While majority of those in ‘no biometric verification’ problem will have their results released, majority of Jambites in the “No Result Yet” category will have their result held back due to cheating. (If you are in this category, did you engage in cheating?)

According to our research and from a reliable source, only few results in this category will be released by Jamb, if you are among those with ‘no result yet’. We urge you to check your result every weekend, beginning from 28th April, 2014. This is to ensure you don’t exceed your chance of checking your result free.

You Have Exceeded Maximum Number of Checks. Please purchase e-Facility Card to Print Your Result Slip
You have exceeded your allowable five times access

Are you trying to check your Jamb 2014 Result and you are getting this: “You Have Exceeded Maximum Number of Checks. Please purchase e-Facility Card to Print Your Result Slip”? You have no problem, not at all, read on…

Candidates in this category have no problem at all. The only problem is that you might have posted your JAMB Registration Number on different website or on facebook and over 5 people have helped you check your result. We know this is going to happen, that is why we warn all Jambites before the results were released. You can read it here: Mistakes to avoid when checking your Jamb result.

Well, if you have exceeded your chance of checking your result and you are requested to purchase the Jamb e-facility scratch (We heard it is no longer called e-facility card, it is now known as e-bundle scratch card.) You can do the following to resolve this issue.

1. Get your original JAMB result slip and check your result. You will need this even if you have access your result. So get it once and for all.
2. Another option is to visit the websites where you have published your Jamb Registration Number to help you check and see if there’s a reply to your request, also if you have dropped it on Facebook, you can also check there. If this is much problem for you, you can go with the first option and purchase the e-facility/e-bundle scratch card to get your original Jamb result slip.

Like we stated above, you will need to get/purchase your e-bundle/e-facility card so as to obtain your original JAMB result slip as this is the only document that will be accepted when you go for Post-UTME screening exercise because it comes with your passport on it. If you want us to get your Jamb original result slip, click here and you will get it in your email.

You were involved in wide spread cheating / using electronic devices / Copying / Absent / Lateness etc.

If you see the above statement while checking your result, well, we asked that you forget about the Jamb 2014 result checking. Because the chance of getting your result released is equal to ZERO.
The only option is to find other options such as pre-degree, diploma or IJMB Programmes or you can choose to study in Ghana with just your WAEC.
Finally, you might want to wait for Jamb 2015 UTME form to be out and then start all over again.

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43 thoughts on “All JAMB UTME 2014 Pending Results and No Biometric Verification Issues Discuss Here”

  1. pls wat cn i do? mine showed me “you can not see your result due to lateness in examination hall” is there possible hope 4 me?

  2. No result due 2 lateness 2 exam hall nd am nt l8 at all…i was even d ist tym 2 arrive 2 d hall…anyhope 4 me

    1. We will always have hope that the results will be released.
      What you will have to do is wait for Jamb to give us an update on the withheld results.

  3. Mine show me.U CANNot see your result now.NO bimetric vertification.any hope of getting the result b4 friday?

  4. Pls oo is tellin me dat am also late to d exam hall nd nt so pls I nid my result b4 d endin of dis wik cus am doing pre dgree nd we ar told to summit our jamb script on tuesdai pls nd pls

    1. The only thing you can do right now is to visit any Jamb Office nearest to you. But I doubt if they can do anything. We will have to wait for Jamb to give us an update concerning candidates who came to the exam hall late.
      Am sure your school will understand and give you guys some more time…

  5. If I use my check d result more than 5times and am nt stil seeing my result due to d prob.I HAVE
    can d card be also used as much as I want til I see d result or I have to buy a new one

    1. You don’t need to be sad Oge,
      Your friends are as dumb as Nigeria Government 😀
      Jamb will release more names of candidates before the end of Jamb 2014 session.
      So don’t give up now.

  6. Helo,i checked my result but my maths was witheld,cnt just believe it,jamb shuld investigate d centa,even if am not good in any order subject it cant b maths,n am planning to go to jamb office and i dont care if am given a test,pls advice me

    1. Hello John,
      Do anything and everything to make them release your Maths. But you might want to wait for a while and see if the result will be released. If not, go with somebody who can make a lot of noise to get attention in Jamb office as the place is constantly busy.
      Best of Lucks.

  7. mine was English alone (36) others were zero. and I was told dat I didn’t shade the box.still want to know if it will be released.

  8. Ayodele olushola joel

    Please my own is biometric verification……this my second time of writing this jamb…….I really prepared for this years 2014 utme…..I Beg no let our effort too be invain oooooooooooooo…….pls What is the exactly day the result will be out……..

    1. The first batch has been out, we are not too sure of the dates, but the results will be out. Wishing you the best and I hope this will be the last time you will be your last Jamb.

    1. Hello Cindy.
      Jamb has released first pending results of Jamb candidates, and we are hoping more will be released. Hopefully.

    1. It means your jamb result was not loaded into Jamb database. The only thing you should do is to wait and keep checking.

  9. no biomtric verification…tho i didn’t thumbprint is dere any way of me getting my result…plz tell me cos i didnt cheat and besides i didnt c dem doing in my exam centre….d only tin dey did was take my attendance.

  10. the stupid idiots released only my english (49) and gave me an aggregate of 49, without any mention of whether or not i wrote maths, physics and chemistry. What could be the reason for this? I have checked a second time with the e-bundle card i bought for N1,500, and will not find it funny after falling victim to jamb’s scam.

      1. my brother, it is really depressing. I am sure I don’t sound like someone who would not know what to do in an examination hall to you, so nobody should give me that crap of me not having shaded my type and/or written what type i was given. To me, this is just an outright scam. After how much it cost to obtain the form, we are still mandated to buy an e-bundle card for checking of result. Do you know how much they must have amassed from this? Yet, you don’t get a result after all this. I have lost faith in this system. This jamb momopoly has to stop.

  11. problem of “No Result Yet” uptill now i couldnt see it. I check the result everyweek. Does it mean i cant see it anymore?. Though i have faith it shall still be out

  12. Pls my biology has been witheld,nd i hav been told 2 go 2 jamb headquarter in Umuahia nd write a letter 2 for them 2 post it 2 Abuja,pls will dey release it?

    1. You can give it a try, a lot of results are held annually and some are never released, so we encourage candidates to do everything possible to get them to released their result.
      Good Luck!

    1. Dear Chidera.
      There is nothing you can do… you just have to hope that Jamb will release all pending results. We will keep you inform if and when Jamb release the results.
      Good Luck!

  13. Hy,I rote jamb ppt nd checked ma result,they gave me only eng whc I scored 46 nd jst gave an aggregate of 46,pls wuld jamb stil release d remaining subjects??….pls tel me,m in pains nw

    1. Hello Ebuka,
      We cannot tell if the other withheld subjects will be released. All you need to do is keep your hope alive and pray they release it soon.

  14. pls admin when i went to check my result it will be saying that i cannot see it do to involved in lateness in the hall did it mean they will not reaslise it again pls i want to no

  15. after seeing my result 221 on jamb web site, few days later I went to print it out and they said I cannot see my result because my result is still pending…. any hope for pending results? ??

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