Ahmadu Bello University, (ABU) To Begin Online PHD Programme in 2013!

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The latest information reaching us from The Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, Nigeria is that the school management has made preparations to commence her online doctorate degree programme by the 2013, the VC of the Institution, Prof. Abdullahi Mustapha, disclosed this yesterday 14th November, 2012.

Prof. Mustapha disclosed this News at a symposium organized by the university as part of its 50th anniversary celebration which was held in Zaria.
The Vice Chancellor, promised that the university would henceforth focus her attention on PostGraduates Programmes. He said one of the greatest challenges facing Nigerian universities, which of course include, Ahmadu Bello University, ABU, is how to revive academic culture among lecturers and students. (academic culture? Am lost here)


Contributed by Caleb Olakigbe

I think the professor intend to refer to reviving learning culture such as those days in the South Western Nigeria.
That was when Great Obafemi Awolowo was advising his followers and the nation. I wish the Northern Nigeria can speed-up by investing in promote education from elementary schools in far North by state and local governments. The three Middle-Belt states are doing okay in term of education in Nigeria (Kwara, Kogi and Benue States).
The Nigerian Universities are behind in Africa talk less or not to refer to the world as a whole. This is because Federal Government of Nigeria do not consider or refuse to yield to United Nations advice of 25% of National budget should be invest in education.
Ghana is investing 26% of its budget in education, South Africa is investing 23% per cent of its budget in education and Nigeria is investing 8% per cent of its budget in education.
The South Africa picks one to five in the best 100 universities in Africa, in the best 20 South Africa picks ten, while Nigerian universities are in numbers 38, 41, 47 and 51 due to poor infrastructure, poor facilities and poor technology, such as well equip libraries.
I can understand your comment, how can you revive learning culture when there is lack of funding.

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