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Abia State University, (ABSU) Shut Down Indefinitely Over School Fee Riot!

Latest News From Nigerian Universities…

Three top Nigerian institutions has been shut down indefinitely within one weeks! Now, sometimes i don’t blame people who send their children to Ghana and abroad to study.
In Nigeria, it might take you 6years to finish a four years course, why in Ghana, it is three years. (do you know Ghana University don’t goto strike? Oh, My dear Nigeria.)

The following universities are currently closed until further notice. (back in the days, we use to say… until father’s notice. Lol)

* University of Nigeria Enugu Campus (UNEC),

* Abia State University (ABSU) .
* University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT)

The First two university was shut down due to Tuition fee hike, and Uniport was shut down due to the Aluu Community who can be liken to Barbaric Clan (Aluu Community is a Clan that Derive joy from killing Strangers. If you are planning to study at Port Harcourt University, Stay Away from Aluu Village and its environs, they burn people alive! See what they did Here)

Yesterday 10th October 2012, Abia State University, Uturu, was shut down, following protest by the students against the school management decision not to allow students who have not paid their school fee to write their examinations.

They were command to pay their first and second semesters’ school fees before sitting for the exams , The ABSU School Fee is between NGN80,000 to NGN120,000 for second year to final year students, while the first year students are to pay the sum of NGN120,000 and above.

The said the “No-Fee, No-Examination” directive enforced by the Abia State University management and the Abia State Government is rude, considering the prevalent harsh economic reality in the country.(well, the Harsh Economic is your business, so they thought. Between the economic is not harsh to all the students, if in doubt, ask your friends who have paid theirs. They probably have more than the Fee to spend on fun stuffs)

Most of the students are yet to pay their fees. The Management of Absu deployed Security agents into the examination halls to chase out students who have not paid their fee. (una dey play with students abi?)

This singler Act, anger the final year students as they resisted and in the process destroyed the school properties inside and within the school premises.

As a result of this, the riot started yesterday and still continue today, the report is that students are burning tires in a sign of defiance.

Though no casualities are reported, and no further damages are inflated on the properties as Security Operatives were on hand to prevent the situation from getting worst.

To bring an end to the riot, the management has on option than to shut the school gate and students were given till 6pm 10, October, to vacate the school premises till further notice.

Officially, Abia State University is Closed indefinitely. Now all the students are given the opportunity to go hunting for money (working).
We will keep you inform when Abia State University Opens her Door for all Students again.

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