A Must Read For Imo State University, Imsu 2013/2014 Candidates!!

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This information is shared here for the benefit of the Aspirants of Imo State University, Imsu, all thanks to Franklin-Aka-newkid. And we hope you learn a thing or two from it.

My Advice For Imsu 2013/2014 Aspirants!!!!
To, i hope you publish this for my fellow candidates who are planning to secure admission into Imo State University for the 2013/2014 academic session.
Okay an Franklin and they call me newkid,
Alright, the time is drawing closer again, when aspirant make mistakes that will lead to them not able to gain admission into Imsu. If you follow my advice, am sure you will understand how IMSU works.

* Now lets begin with choosing a Course: if you know you don’t have money, it my advice that you avoid courses like;
+ Law,
+ medicine&surgery,
+ Economics,
+ Acc. etc.

If you select any of the courses above, even if you score 200/200, the management of IMSU will NOT offer you addimision without you spending some money!! It is adviceable to apply for low course!!

+ Okay serious, I don’t see why candidates run away from education courses!
what you don’t know is that, people who studies education courses graduate with two(2) qualification! For example, A student who studied Education Economic can teach and also work in other places like, banks, government, firms. etc. but for a candidate who read Economic can also work in banks,firms etc but such person is not qualify to teach!!!! Don’t just conclude that people who read Education courses are only qualify to teach. You are getting it all wrong!!

so my fellow students, I advice you to select your course wisely and gain admission smoothly!! If you don’t know, Imo State University, Imsu is one of the top corrupt Universities in Nigeria!!
Am a student there and i know what am saying.
Thank you.
Thanks Franklin for this advice, and I heard IMSU indigenes are offered free scholarship? Don’t believe it. It is just a cheap lie. If you are an Indigene of Imo State, and you want to apply for Imo State University, please start saving for your tuition fee.

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  • franklin, why do you have to publicise such a fallacy that imsu is the most corrupt university in Nigeria. Pls stop that cos its a lie. There is no place we can’t find corruption in nigeria. This Imsu offered me double admission without me paying any money. Stop spoiling peoples mind that they must pay money. Imsu is ranked among the bes state universities in Nigeria thats why an average Igbo idigene will like to go there. God bless imsu, the citadel of learning.

    • Speedometer, its bcos u chose a lower course or u knw someone amongs the management thats y u got d admission. As far as education is concerned imsu is the worst so far. At least in other schools if u pay u r rest assured of ur admission but imsu is intrested in highest bidder am a witness to dat i and my friends paid to get the admission but only one got d admission bcos her payment was higher despite the fact dat she paid late. Imsu is the worst school so far.

  • Pivot pls don’t waste ur time in imsu. There is nothing like free education i have 2 brodas there. Infact d payment these days is much bcos everyday they r introducing new payments. Any one dat tells u he is a graduate of imsu hail him bcos its not easy.

  • Pls i want 2 no d real subject cobination 4 computer science in imsu & in jamb cus am confused nw. Or btw chemistry and biology wich is d best 2 chose 4 computa sci. I nid ansa

  • Franklyn tanx 4 dat wonderful advice. Am an imsu aspirant, pls i want 2 no if imsu wil acept mats,phy,eng,bio 4 computer sci. in dia post utme cus som pple said dat biology is nt aceptable acept kmistry pls add me on 2go wit Mosthands24 or samchima01 .

  • y are u guys seeking for free education?do u just want to sit down and watch manna fall from heaven for u? Or dont u know u must work before u eat?u want to be educated right?then spend ur cash and get what u want and stop licking peoples nyash becos of what u dont know how long it going to last. Thanx, still ur best friend suzy u all

  • Friends, lets b realistic & trutful, if u readin dis coment now comes 2 d public & anounces a free education 4 indigenes of ur state, won’t they com 2 enjoy such a generous offer? How would u expet me 2 b careles of d offer if it is real. pls, dis is not a mater of lickin sb nyash lik sb said; it is an isue of holdin sb by his word.

  • Pls frndz has any 1 heard,of imsu pre-degree form,if it’s out.2013/2014.pls add me on 2go Osaze213.

  • Plz i wanna go for economics education………wat re d jamb requirements nd aw much z d sch fee 4 indigine? Plz reply

    • Please use the search button to find the required information… If you can’t find them, please comment here again and i will do it for you.

  • Pls wen is imsu written der post ume.pls i nid 2 knw ealy becos i am very far frm in ibadan nw

    • Hello Anselm,
      You don’t have anything to worry about, we will let you know when Imsu post utme exams will take place, all you have to do is visit us daily ore visit imsu page here

      you can also like us on facebook to get all the latest news from all the universities in nigeria.