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2015/2016 JAMB Registration- Business Centers Disagree with CBT Registration

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, (Jamb) got it wrong in several ways – Business Centers/Cybercafes Owners. (Jamb 2015/2016 UTME Registration)

1. Throwing citizens out of legitimate business and livelihood so they can have it all. That’s greediness. The card was sold at N4000, now they got envious of the N500 processing fee business centers are making, they proceeded to taking it via the added N500 on the card(4500), adding to the ones they have been taking. They still claim processing is free.

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2. I really don’t know how Jamb registration will affect next year’s general election, but they took this early registration decision without putting into consideration, the effect it will have on student. Its a known fact that tertiary institutions in Nigeria don’t conclude, can’t conclude and won’t conclude their admission process till January next year.

How then do they expect prospective students who are yet know their admission stand to buy jamb form again. Meaning that these students are indirectly forced to buy jamb form whether they are admitted or not. (more money to jamb)

3. Students can only register online at the CBT centers. As much as I know, a city like Aba has only one CBT center (Abia poly). Only three in Abia state as a whole (if I’m not mistaken), I know communities like my village has no single Jamb CBT center.

So what convenience does it guarantee to students except making them stress themselves, spend more money on transportation to the respective registration points, and waste much of their time on long queues waiting to be registered (Imagine where thousands of students are waiting upon a single registration point).

4. Are students forced to buy the N500 text book? I can’t tell for now. But I know there is something fishy here. Its about contracts and money.

So what good has Jamb done to our society over the past few years other than extortion, blackmail and frustration of students. This year they introduced checking of jamb results with “scratch money”. How were they even marking the last two jamb PPT exams they conducted? I still call on proper investigation of the JAMB management.

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9 thoughts on “2015/2016 JAMB Registration- Business Centers Disagree with CBT Registration”

  1. jamb is about to create a big problem this year and years to come and if something is not done now the effect is just what i cannot describe

    1, the federal government is seriously fighting unemployment but jamb is about to throw some people back into the labor market just because some greed people want to make money for themselves

    2, the new jamb police is not in the interest of the student but in the interest of some selfish people who are out to frustrate the university ambition of the student just imagine a student will have to travel between 10 to 20 kilometer to register for jamb and also travel the same kilometer for the examination the long queues is better imagine than experience this might take some student day before it get to their turn

    jamb you are not a friend of Nigeria but one of the enemy because you want to make life unbearable for so many people in this nation the crease policy must be change before it get out of hand

  2. initially i thought it was play or childish plank not on till when i wonted to register my 200 candidates & i discover unthinking and useless breeding policies who wont to eat all today and die tomorrow,well,i am not anyway blame this selfish goiter registrar,by the way is he truly a Nigeria?well, i choose to save some comment for now,in a not shell, protest shall soon be stage all over the country very soon.

  3. Jamb has done no good rather great calamities both both candidates to register & cafe owners.
    *On the part of cafe owners, some of the cafe administrations are graduates with not job opportunity who seek the means of ICT as the best solution to tackle this massive poverty around.
    Talk of the huge thousands wasted on Bio-metric scanner purchased by all these administrators from JAMB in registering of this exam, will it be useless.
    Students of the tertiary institutions who also have no means of livelihood utilize examination registration such as this Jamb, NECO, WAEC, NABTED and other online-Reg as source of income.
    Aside all, JAMB generates over millions of naira on the caution fee (10,000) paid by all these cafe owners which serve as an revenue for government.
    Will all these ones who benefited from registering exams remain idle and jobless because of the greediness of JAMB REGISTRAR.

    Candidates have to travel extra-miles before registration can be done. Talk of the long delay and other factors like network fails, overcharge, stress, limited CBT Centres within the state, inability to locate the centres on time.

    JAMB should re-consider.


  5. It’s just so absurd for JAMB/UTME to shunned cafe owners who nurtured it to its immediate CBT level. Why not think of the graduates who use registration of exams as means of livelihood.
    Talk of candidates in rural areas, additional fare to point of registration after huge amount of money that have been used to get the form.
    Network failure and other factors to consider.

  6. My dear jamb protocol officer, This introduction of 2015 jamb registration in “CBT” center as made life very difficult to us most especially me as a cafe administrator, l have paid 10.000 last year for this jamb registration in order to register as an authorized center for jamb and l also purchase u and u Bio-metric thumbprint in that same office against the registration, But now every things change in all the amount of money that l spend last year for jamb office will be in vain without gaining interest is not fair, Please my successor thing about it l don’t have any body to sponsor me in my higher institution so l used this online business to grant money and pay some due in school, if they want us to come in again and drop any certain amount of money we will, thanks for your understanding

  7. This is pure selfishness, Why would JAMB send cafe operators out of business. The Government keep saying they are providing job opportunities that we are not seeing, the ones people have provided for themselves JAMB is taking it from them. well its just greediness. i wish JAMB will have a rethink cos so many graduates are among these cafe operators

  8. Jamb is mad, i pray for them because they are heading for destruction in their administration. Nigerians and money, the rich and money, politicians and money all is N.R.P.M in this country

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