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Guide to Register the 2012/2013 OAU Pre-degree Programme

The Obafemi Awolowo University 2012/2013 Pre-degree Programme has already began and below we have written the step by step guide on how to complete your registration.

Step 1. Goto the university website at www.oaucdl.edu.ng, when the webpage loads up, click on the “create account” button, fill the box appropriately and make sure that the names to be used will be the same in your O’Level credentials i.e. Waec/Neco or its equivalent.

Please while filling the form, choose your subject combinations as appropriate to the one you will take during the entrance examination and will write in the 2013 Utme and Post Utme that will be conducted.

Important Notice: If your course is Accounting, Banking and Finance or Economics, you are encouraged to choose Economics in place of Account as a subject both in Pre-Degree and in Your UTME subjects. The reason is that OAU does not accept Account as a subject either in the Programme or in Post Utme. Take this point very very serious.

Step 2. Proceed to any of the following banks to make payment:
- Make sure you tell the bank that you want to deposit the money through E-Tranzact into OAU Pre-degree programme. No account number is needed, so make sure you mention E-Tranzact to them.

- should incase any bank insists for account number, please kindly go to another branch or better still goto another bank. For all I know, OAU pre-degree account has no bank account number.

- while in the bank, make sure you fill the same name you used in creating your account. Bank charges may applied and this must be paid, take note to go with extra cash.

- After making your payment, A RECEIPT containing your names, amount paid, receipt number/code etc. will be given to you.

If you have all this, goto the nearest internet cafe and log-on to OAU official website. www.oaucdl.edu.ng, when the page loads, login to your account and click on the ‘confirm payment’ button, then insert your codes in the receipt given to you in the bank.

- After filling the form appropriate, click on the ‘submit’ button, please make sure you see “registration confirmed” or something similiar that will indicate that you have successfully complete your registration before you proceed to print-out your form, then log out.

- If you are using awaiting results, then leave the spaces provided where you are required to enter your O’level data empty. (but make sure you are doing everything possible to get your O’Level results)

- If for any reasons, you think you have made a mistake, you can login again to OAU website and correct the error.

Please note, mistakes made on passport photograph or names cannot be changed once filled but other details can be changed after.

I know lots of candidates would like to know the advantage of attending pre-degree programme. So here a few of them.

i. As a predegree student, you will have two chances of gaining admission. Either through Jamb or the Pre-Degree programme

ii. As a pre-degree candidate, You will also have a couple of course choices. example.. three choices of course will be given to you. You have the upper hand here :-)

iii. If you score the overall mark of 60% at the end of the programme which includes 2 tests and 2 examination in both first and second contact, the University MUST admitt you, if you are not admitted, know that some funny thing has taken place in the background

You may not be admitted into your choice of course, so don’t put your eggs in one basket by working to achieve 60% only but work more than that to be given your chosen course of study.

Disadvantage of Pre-degree programme in Nigeria Schools

Everything that has an advantage has a disadvantage. Right?
Below are the known disadvantage of Pre-Degree programme in OAU and in other Universities in Nigeria.

1. After attending the programme, the chance of getting admitted is so so thin. So we always advice students not to put their eggs in one basket. While attending the pre-degree programme, make sure you purchase UTME form and put on enough effort to pass your jamb and post utme examination.

Between me and you, if you don’t make it, coming home will be too sad…. Too sad.

- more of advantage of predegree programme
You will be more enlightened than Jambites candidates.
- You will also be coached in the programme based on Jamb syllables in order to enable you pass very well in the 2013/2014 Jamb exam that will be conducted.

- You can also attend pre-degree programme with awaiting result i.e. if you are yet to write WAEC/NECO or its equivalent.

- also as a pre-degree student, you are entitled to sit for the university post Utme and the Pre-Degree examination which will give you two edge of admission.

You can see our previous post on Obafemi Awolowo University pre-degree programme registration HERE

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