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Waec physics 2012/2013 objectives/theory questions and answers

Waec physics 2012/2013 objectives questions and answers here

Waec Candidates are going to write their Physics Paper Tomorrow being the 7th of May 2012.
Here is an excerpt from the Waec Timetable.

Waec Timetable For May 7th
Monday 7th may 2012
Commerce 2 (essay)9-11:30
Commerce 1 (obj) 11:30-12-30
Physics 2 (obj & essay) 1-3:45 you can access the Complete Waec Timetable Here

¤¤ This Physics Waec Questions are Expected to be among the questions for Physics paper on the 7th may.

You can study it. also, stay with us, we have friends who may share more Waec Physics Questions and Answers via the comment section. You too can be part of US!!!

Waec 2012 physics Questions and Answers.

Physics Waec Question 1a. State the pressure law.

¤ Physics waec Question 1b. Explain how the following will affect the given mass of a substance.
(i) volume
(ii) pressure
(iii) temparature.

¤ Physic waec Question 1c. A given mass of gas at 303K is trapped in a tube of volume V.

Calculate the temparature of the gas when the volume is reduced to two-thirds of its original value by applying pressure twice the original value

¤ Physic waec Question 2a: Define
(i) energy
(ii) power
(iii) work

¤Physic waec Question 2b: An electric pump whose efficiency is 75% raises water to a height of 20cm.
If water is delivered at the rate of 450dm3 per minute,what is the power rating of the pump? (Mass of 1dm3 of water=1kg).

Waec Physics Question 2c: In what circumstances is a force said to do work?
Physic waec Question 2cii: How is work done measured

Waec Physics Question 2d: Briefly explain the conversion of mechanical energy in a pendulum bob

Physics Waec question 3: Sketch the graph of relation between the extension of a spiral spring and the load attached to it when it is gradually loaded up the elastic limit.

Physic waec question 3b: What is the physical significance of the area under the graph?

¤ Physic Waec Question 3c: A spiral spring is 20cm long when at 10N. What is the length of the spring at 2N provided hooke’s law is obeyed?

¤ Physic Waec Question 3d: State Hooke’s law of elasticity, thus,prove that F=ke.

The Secret of passing your exams is to study hard and smart.

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Waec physics 2012/2013 objectives questions and answers

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