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Waec 2012 Agric Science Questions and Answers

Waec 2012 Agric Science Questions and Answers
This are Expected questions for students who will be writing their waec Agricultural Science.
Below is the timetable.
Wednesday 9th may
Agric science (obj and Essay).
Time: 9am-12pm

you can see the complete timetable HERE
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Question 1a. Explain what is meant by Subsistence Agriculture.
1b. Discuss briefly Interdependence of agriculture and industry under the Following:
i)tool, Implement, machinery Industries.
ii)Processing industries
iii)Agro-chemicals industries.

1c. What is farm surveying??
1d. what is incubation in Poultry Production.

Question 2a. State 2 advantage and 2 disadvantage of natural Incubation.
2b. List 4 factors that affect pasture establishment in west africa.
2c. In a tabular form, state the Causal organism and 2 symtoms of each of Following diseases of farm animals.

Question 3a. State 4 characteristics of fertile Soil.
3b. Discuss briefly 3 Factors that affect land availabilities for agricultural production in west africa.
3c. State 4 benefit of draining farm Land.
3d. List 2 sources of Soil Nitrogen.

Answers For Waec 2012 Agric Science
below is the answers to the Waec Agricultural Science Questions.
Answer 1a. Subsistence agriculture is a type of agric that is done on a small scale with a minimum use of agro- chemicals. The aim of the farmer is to provide food for the family with little or no commercial purpose. And the yields are low
ia. Incubation is the process of keeping the fertilized egg for a period of 5-7 days to keep the egg warm. Within this period the embryo develops into a baby bird.

Answer 2a. *Advantages* chicks hatched naturally tend to be more robust-It’s easier since all the farmer does is to leave the hatching to the mother hen

*Disadvantages* It’s longer when compared to artificial incubation.
Not all the eggs are hatched

2b. water, temperature, water,quality of seed, pathogens.

2c. Brucellosis causative org, bacteria symptoms.
premature delivery, decrease in conception rate Newcastle causative org:>virus symptoms, twisting of the neck, decrease in feed intake,paralysis of the wings or legs, respiratory difficulties.

Waec Agric Answer 3a. it must contain all the essential nutrients necessary for plant growth

* it must be well aerated

* it must be well drained

* It must not contain harmful microbes and fungi.

3b. explain land ownership system,social factors,economic factors. Surely you can? Just check your book or your brain.-
3c. it makes the soil well aerated

* it reduces soil temperature

* it supports the decomposition of organic matters in the soil

* it reduces soil acidity.

3d. rainfall, nitrogen fixing bacteria,inorganic fertilizers, animal manure

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2012 Waec Agric Science Questions and Answers

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