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Economic questions and answer for waec 2012/ 2013

Economic questions and answer for waec 2012/ 2013/ Economic Theory and Objective Answers

This Waec 2012 is made pretty easy for Freebrowsinglink Friends. Today 25th April 2012 waec Examination is
Wednesday 25th april
Economics2(essay) 9-12
Economics(obj). 12-12:30

you can see the complete waec timetable 2012 here Waec TimeTable 2012/2013

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Get your Economic Theory Here

Expected Waec 2012 Economic Theory and Obj.

THEORY 3: Difference Between Partnership Sole Proprietorship.

Question 3B: State Four Reason Why Government Restrict International Trade.

Question 3C: Difference Between Private And Public Limited Company

Question 3D: Source Of Income Of Partnership

Question 4A: Define The Following:





This Questions are pretty simple. All you need to do is just read it through and you are going to fly in colors!

Remember the best way of passing your examination is reading and hard and smart- the smart is for you to find out :-)
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economics questions and answer for waec 2012/2013

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  1. Goodmorning Legendkid
    I like what you are doing for the Nigeria Students, i want to contribute by dropping economic waec 2012 objective answers.

    Disclosure: please confirmed before using
    Waec Economic questions and answer 2012/2013

    11-20 BDCABADCBA
    21-30 AADBBCBACB
    31-40 CDBBACDCBC

    Please don't sell this free answers! Or else i will chop off your head!

  2. To our success.
    My confirmed waec economic obj answers.
    1-10: ADCCBAADCB
    11-20: BDCABADCBA
    21-30: AADBBCBACB
    31-40: CDBBACDCBC

    my theory questions and answers

    section “A”. Cannot be posted here because it contain table.
    Start from Section “B”
    3a. What is the equilibrium of a consumer.

    3b. Explain how a consumers attains equilibrium in spending his income.
    4a. Explain with examples the following type of production.
    1. Primary
    11. Secondary
    111. Tertiary.
    4b. Give two reason why primary production pre-dominates in developin country.

    Economic is a simple subject, lets make it together. And thanks to the owners of this blog.

    Answer to No: 5) Money
    is any good that is widely
    used and accepted in
    transactions involving
    the transfer of goods
    and services from one
    person to another
    Motives for holding
    i.) Transaction motives:
    To make payments or
    purchases ii.)
    Precautionary motives:
    To meet unforseen
    contingencies iii.)
    Speculative motives: It
    being the safest asset in
    wealth portfolio. Other
    assests possess
    uncertainty and no

  4. 8a) a market is an
    arrangement in which two
    or more pple are bought
    together for the purpose
    of business transaction
    eg through telephone,telex,gsm, fax etc

    8b) features of monopoly= no fixed price,
    they are more buyers,
    existence of only one firm eg PHCN

    8c)sources of monopoly=
    i) natural monopoly-
    some countries are
    endowed wit argircultural
    and mineral resources
    dan others maing dem
    monopolistic over others
    ii) merger- a group of
    firm which produces
    similar products may join
    to form a single body to
    drive away competitiors
    iii)govt policy- through
    govt policy, certain
    essential services are
    supplied via a single
    source eg electricity
    supplied by only PHCN.

  5. 9(a) -development of
    africa continent,-To raise
    the standard of living,-
    Poverty reduction,-
    Cooperation and
    development,- To ensure
    economic stability,-To
    Abolish trade barriers
    and restriction
    1 language barriers.
    2 Ideological difference.
    3 common currency
    problem. 4 political
    5 Fear of domination.
    6 transportation and
    (10a)Supply schedule can
    be d fined as a table
    showing the relationship
    between price and the
    guantity of that
    commodity supllied.

  6. (10c) (i)goods of ostentation(ii) inferior or giften goods
    (iii)future expectation of
    rise in price.
    (iv)unawareness of
    market situation
    (v)war and economic
    (vi) rare commodities.

    1. The table below show
    expected revenue from
    budget. Item amount($)
    rent,royalties and profit 75.0
    company income 100.00

    Table 2 projected
    revenue item amount
    gen admin 220.10

    maitance of forieng mision

    3.non tax souces
    determine total

    1.capital expenditure

    2.recurent expenditure
    Determine wether the
    budget is a surplus or
    Question. Explain the folowing
    factmrs il affect the demand
    for a comodity X :

    a. a decrease in price of a
    complement Y;
    b. an increas in consumer
    disposabl income
    [Receiving Text] law as a
    theory of intertional
    Question 5. define money
    b. state 3 motives for
    holding money.
    C. mention two
    determinants of each of
    the motives for holding
    8.define market in
    b.state any 3 features of
    a monopoly
    c.outline any 3 sources of
    monopoly power
    (3a) define mobility of
    labour? (3b) factors of
    decline mobility of labour.
    (6a) what is taxation?
    (6b) explain the various
    principle of taxation.
    (7) what are the roles of
    central banks in a
    (9a)what are the roles of
    (9b) what are the
    problems of ecowas.

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  9. Please am in Ghana, i need wacce exams questions on English and economics on 25th November 2013

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  12. Tnks 4 the info. Nd plz try to give us accurate ones

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