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2012/ 2013 WAEC BIOLOGY Questions and Answers

Hot! 2012/ 2013 WAEC BIOLOGY Questions and Answers-2012 WAEC BIOLOGY SPECIMENS

This is made available by some good students and if you are writing this year jamb examination you need to clear your O’level results before considered into the University, Polytechnic or College of Education.
Date for Biology examination:
Biology (obj&theory) 2:30-5:00
Thursday 12th april
Biology1 (practical) 9-11
Biology1 (practical) 11:30-1:30
you can see the complete list of waec timetable here Timetable for Waec 2012/2013 session.

2012 WAEC BIOLOGY SPECIMENS- Questions and Answers

Specimen A=> Garden egg fruit

Specimen B===> Tridax fruit

Specimen C===> GrainWeevil

Specimen D===> Tick

Specimen E===> Rat {wet preserved}

Specimen F===> Atlas vertebra of a
small mammal

Specimen G===> Axis vertebra of a
small mammal specimen

Specimen H===> Cervical vertebra of
a Small mammal

Specimen J===> Tilapia fish [web preserved]

Specimen K===> Toad

Specimen L===> Lizard
NOTE===> Specimen F,G & H are peculiar to Candidate in Ghana, Sierra-leone & the Gambia Only.


question 1. Classify Specimen A and B

question 2. State the agent of dispersal for Specimen A and B

question 3. Draw a label diagram of Specimen B.

question 4. Cut Specimen A into two longitudinal Section and label.

question 5. State two economic usefulness of Specimen E,D,C

question 6. State two way by which specimen C,D,E can be preserved

question 7. Name the habitat of Specimen J,K,L.

question 8. State two adaptive features of
Specimen J and L to live in their
respective habitat.

question 9. Mention two adaptive Features of Specimen K to live on land and in water.


ANS: Specimen A: garden egg: Features:

i) epicarp is soft and flesh

ii) many seeds are present

iii) epicarp is edible
iv) it is dispersed by ant.

i) used in Control of blindness

ii) good for ulcer patiets

iii) helps to Control obesity. The type of placentation is axile. The botanical name is [solanum

Specimen B: Tridax fruits: the botanical name is procumbenis and the family name is calyx. It is a true fruit. It develop from a Superior ovary and have one seed.

The mode of dispersion is by wind because it is small and light.

i) they act as Vector of diseases

ii) they cause great annoyance and irritation to host

iii) bites may become a source of secondary infection.
Control measures:

i) by picking

ii) by using insecticides

iii) burning the grass where a the graze. Different between weevil and tick: weevil Tick.

1) Antenna present-antenna

2) rostrum present-rostrum absent

3) bristle absent present.
Similarities btw weevil and tick.

1) both have head-thorax and abdomen. Both have jointed legs.

Specimen J: tilapia fish-bony fish. Phylum-chlordata. Sub-phylum-vertebra. Class-pisces. Habitat-aquatic.

Adaptation of fish to its
Streamilimed body: this allows for easy movement in water.
Gills: offer an efficient means of
respiration in water.

Scales: they protect againt injury, control movement of salt in and out of fish body

Specimen K:- toad. Phylum-
chordata. Class-amphibia. Habitat- live both on land and aquatic habitat. External features the body is divided into head and thrunk.
Adaptation of the toad of life. On land: presence of hind limb for hopping. On water web on the hind limb for swimming over
streamlined shaped for easy movement Absence of neck to reduce friction during swimming.

Specimen L- agama Lizard, phylum-chorama-class-reptill. Habitat-terrestial. Adaptation of lizard to terrestial habitat: limbs are develop for movement on land.
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  1. Thanks legendkid, all the candidates who want to write waec, please note the specimen to read is Lizard. Study it and we all will pass.
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  4. hallo students, lets make it together!!!!


    1-10 Bcdbbbccad

    11-20 Addcbaaabc

    21-30 Daadbaccba.

    31-40 Acdbcacccd


    51-60 Cabbcbadac

    user use at descretion.

  5. lets read and make it together

    BIOLOGY THEORY 2012/2013

    1a> Explain briefly 4 factors that affect diffusion of substances.

    1b> Explain d following terms:

    i>active transport,


    1c> State 4 ways by which plants can reduce high rate of transpiration.

    1d> State d features of red blood cells and how the features adapt to the cells to perform its functi[Receiving Text]y how sugar level of mammalian blood can be regulated.

    B)explain active transport and the transpiration

    1a)explain four factors that affect the rate of diffusion

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