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Education News: UNIZIK 2011/2012 Cut off out! learn How To Calculated Your Score

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Education News: UNIZIK 2011/2012 Cut off out! learn How To Calculated Your Score Education News: UNIZIK 2011/2012 Cut off out! learn How To Calculated Your Score
Unizik Senate has released the cut off mark for the different departments in the school, if you originate from anambra state. Lol.
you have the better
chance of attaining the cut off marks because they have different cut of mark from other people that are not
The same also apply to those that are
from south east geo-political zones, mostly from Enugu state, Imo State and Abia State.
The department with lowest cut off is Geomet with 204 for people outside South East States,
While Anambra State Cut off Mark is 194.5 and Enugu is 186.5.
The department with the highest cut off is pharmacy with their merit cut off is 281.5,
while Anambra cut off is 280,
Abia State is 280 and Ebonyi State is 267.5,
Enugu 271, Imo State is 273.5 the cut off of other departments falls within these ranges also.
First multiply your post ume
score by 4, then add the sum to your jamb score and divide the total by 2.
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Good luck!
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  1. Please i know enlisting the cut off mark of respective courses will be bogus,help me by telling me the cut off for computer science department.EMEKA

  2. Pls wats d cutoff mark for medical Rehabilitation.am 4rm Anambra ..

  3. For Captain Zicovi
    The cut-off mark for computer Science is 237.
    Good luck.

  4. For Eze Gloria
    the cut-off mark For med. is from 265 to 280 and above.

  5. pls what is cut of mark for physchology

  6. Some departmental cut-off mark.
    Management science faculty:
    public Administration-258
    which is always the highest in mgt science faculty; Social sciences-Economics-260

  7. pls wat of microbiology, and law?

    PUB ADMIN-256,
    MASS COM-269,
    MED LAB-265,
    computer science 237

    Econs 282,
    sociology 263,
    french education,199,accountancy 274.5,
    bio-Chem 242.1

    Political science 263,
    Electrical Engineering 248,maths 200,
    electric and Computer Engineering 254,
    history 269.4,

    More Will be updated here.
    still waiting for physchology cut-off mark.

    Microbiology will be uploaded soon.

  9. please, what is the cut-off mark for chemical engineering

  10. @ Gloria-Med.Rehab..cut 250 bt 4 Anambra is 245.5…gudluck.

  11. What is unn cut off 4 law am from anambra state i scored 240 & 221 in pume & jamb respectively.wot are my chances

  12. what is d cutoff for business educationation

  13. what is unizik cutoff for industral chemistry(Abia state) and that of mechanical engineering(Ebonyi state)

  14. you can also check all the recent updates on unizik at my username above. or go to the link below
    check all your unizik departmental cut-off mark here

  15. do you know the cut-off mark for other schools? like IMSU and EBONYI state UNiversity?

  16. pls wat is unizik cutoff for science education

  17. Pls dear,do i av any chance of gainin admin ds yr?i score 50 nd 234 in pume nd jamb resptv..nd am frm enugu..pls i nid a reply 4rm u

  18. @ify
    you do not specify your course.

  19. what is d cut off for parasitilogy & entomology

  20. pls legendkid,wat is d cutoff for science education.my agg is 226.pls reply

  21. wat is d cutoff mark for business education pls lengend king

  22. unizikcutoff for science education pls.legendkid pls i beg u reply

  23. Wats the cutoff mark for chemical engineering.am dying of fear plsls


  25. Pls who knows d cut off mark of radiography should please tell me at canicegentle@yahoo.Com

  26. @nkechi
    All your questions will be uploaded soon. Stay with freebrowsinglink!

  27. Okay here guys is more cut-off mark for Unizik!
    Check yours below.
    BANKING/FIN 258, MASS COM-269,
    MED LAB-265,

    this is for different states
    radiography is
    non catchmt 248.5
    anambra 239.5
    abia 234.5
    enugu 240
    for med lab
    non catchment- 265 this is for those who are not among the underlisted states.
    anambra 260.5
    abia 246.5
    enugu 261.5
    ebonyi 252
    imo 263.5

    political science are is as follows
    non catchment 263- this is for other whose state are not listed here.
    anambra 256
    abia 252.5
    ebonyi 250.5
    enugu 260
    imo 261.5

    PAE departmental cut-off is as follows:
    non catchment 224.5
    anambra 216
    abia 207
    ebonyi 222.5

    Electrical Engineering departmental cut-off mark below:
    non catchment 248.5
    abia 231
    anambra 238.5
    ebonyi 236
    enugu 231
    imo 239

    cut-off mark for history departmental cut-off mark below:
    non catchment 269.5
    anambra 260.5
    abia 259
    enugu 266.5
    imo 262

  28. what is cutoff mark for edu.managment and policy i scored 219

  29. Legendkid, pls watz d cutoff mark 4 eng lang nd literature 4**enugu state**?

  30. plz wot is d cut off mark for linguistic nd education foundation cos i got 220.5 nd dis is my 1st nd 2nd choice course im 4rm Anambra

  31. pls what is the cut off for zoology ? Pls reply

  32. pls what is the cut off for med. Lab ? Pls reply

  33. What is d cut off 4 philosophy am 4rm anambraambra

  34. what of 4 Geololgy and accounting?
    Hw abt that of UNN,are they out yet?

  35. For Chisom
    Med-Lab is 265

    There is no need to be dying for fear. Just believe yourself.
    Know that this results is not Officially released, so there might be some slight changes in the cut-off marks, this freebrowsing crews gets from some Official wORKERS inside Unizik.

  36. Be prepared to go school
    mathematics dept – 217.5
    mechanical engineering – 235
    pharmacy – 281
    electronics and computer Eng – 264

  37. @Anon.
    radiography is
    non catchment- 248.5
    anambra- 239.5
    abia 234.5
    enugu 240
    for med lab
    non catchmt 265
    anambra 260.5
    abia 246.5
    enugu 261.5
    ebonyi 252
    imo 263.5
    Good- Luck.

  38. cut off-mark for history department is as follows
    non catchment 269.5
    anambra 260.5
    abia 259
    enugu 266.5
    imo 262

  39. Wats the cut-off mark for banking and finance?a̶̲̥̅♏ from I'm state.

  40. Pls tell M̶̲̥̅e the cut-off mark for banking and finance.a̶̲̥̅♏ 4rm imo state.♏Ɣ name is ifeanyi

  41. Plz help me with education in English cut off

  42. plz, what is the cut off for zoology ? Pls reply, plzzzzzz

  43. plz wots de cut off for zoology

  44. Wat is unizik accountancy cutt off mark?am 4rm anambra.send it 2 me on 2go wit 'gentlebukan' or 08102339944.

  45. @Legendkid,4 architecture u said d cutoff is 246.pls legendkid wat d cutoff 4 dose in anambra state.pls reply

  46. pls legendkid i want to know the cutoff mark for industrial chemistry am frm ebonyi by name emeka

  47. Legendkid,wats d cut off of anatomyLegendkid,wats d cut off of anatomy

  48. Plz wats d cutof mark 4 science educatn 4 anambra

  49. Pls i want 2 knw d cut off 4 anatomy and medical rehabilitation.i'm 4rm anambra.tanx

  50. is the admission list for unizik 2011/2012 out.pls i want to know.

  51. please is admission list out?

  52. pls wot re my chances 4 history am from imo state nd they cut 262 bt i got 261.5 pls am i in any way in pls reply.zinny.

  53. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  54. @Legend kid, pls wat is d cut-off for 'statistics dept'. U have'nt mention dat one. Pls help!

  55. please wat is d cutoff 4 human physiology?

  56. Pls wats d cutoff marks of d departments under agricultural science?


  58. Unizik admission list has been officially released. Candidates can now check their status in my.unizik.edu.ng or http://www.jamb.org.ng. You can also search for my unizik in google. Post your jamb registration number if u want me to check yours. GOOD LUCK

  59. what is the unizik cut-off for agric engineering

  60. please what is the cut off mark for anatomy, i have been dying to know the cutoff mark. may God bless you as you answer me

  61. hey,pls,i got 237.5 as my aggregate 4 electrical engineering and i am 4rm anambra state,i missed the cutoff by 1 mark my second choice course metallurgy engr,what are my chances 4 d second list*pls i need a reply asap thank u legend*

  62. Pls legend kid wat is the cutoff 4 industrial production engineering

  63. is unizik selling supplementry form dis year pls help us wit ur reply. Tnx @legend kid. Am uche 4rm anambra.

  64. Uche, last i heard is that Unizik will not be selling any sup this year, but i know this ain't true.
    Though i just stumble here. And see what this marvelous site is doing! Helping Nigerians to get all Educational Informations.
    Thanks alot Legendkid!

  65. None of u have mentioned any info about my course(edu. Management and policy) nd dat is really anoying. Pls i need 2 know d cut off nd other info about dis course

  66. Pls, it's as if my patient 's been tried.I'ven't heard anyone above say anything about my department-(Marketing),I mean, i scored UTME-240 and Post-UME-56.Is there still assurance for me getting ADMISSION? CY.

  67. Pls wt is d cut off for law nd psychology.am 4rm imo state.pls reply.tnks

  68. mi aggr8 235.5,mi course s edu managmnt n policy.pls wots d cutoff mark

  69. pls iwant 2 know unizik cut off 4 marketing,bus management/admin and statistics and when will second list be out pls reply now am desperate.thanks.

    please note that the moment Unizik Second admission list is released, we will publish it in a min.

  71. pls i got 235 in jamb and 56 in post ume my aggregate is 249,i chose marketing and bus admin pls any hope pls reply or send me a mail florenceonyinye@yahoo.com

  72. pls wat are my chances i got 235 and 56 in jamb and postume i choose marketing and bus admin.am from anambra state pls reply i need 2 be in sch.

  73. Hey what is your admission status?
    As we know, unizik are starting their first semester. read the post here. http://freebrowsinglink.blogspot.com/2011/11/lectures-begins-at-unizik-for-new.html

    what we hear is that no more list is coming out. But lets hope to see if there is going to be another.

  74. pls is food science and technology accredited pls reply to sajulam@yahoo.com or 08160650770 thanks

  75. pls how do we see the list of names 4 the admited ones on net

  76. me wey get 227 as aggregate shey dem no go give me admission? na wa o d cut-offs are too high

  77. Pls i got 240 in jamb and 52 in pume, will i get food science? And pls when will d list for food science be out?pls call 07031236761 i'll happily pay for ur credit

  78. woow nice blog i have not be here before your website is great

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